IQRA College


  • Uniform

    At IQRA College the wearing of school uniform has been deemed compulsory by the School Board. It is expected that all students wear school uniform daily.

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  • Complaints / Grievance Resolution Policy

    Please note: Neither the Minister for Education and Child Development nor the Department for Education and Child Development has any power to directly intervene in any complaints relating to the operations of a non-government school.

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  • Bullying Policy

    IQRA College recognises that a safe school environment requires active, consistent efforts by all staff members to promote awareness of bullying behaviour, reinforcement of pro-social behaviour and encourage reporting of bullying incidents.

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  • Counselling Service

    IQRA College counselling service is available to all students. The counselling service is confidential with accordance to Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). It aims to help students cope more effectively and tackle issues that affect student’s academics, emotional stability and personal growth.

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