IQRA College


Enrolment Windows

IQRA College have windows for new enrolment start dates. Enrolments outside of these windows are postponed for the next window.

RECEPTION: enrolment window closes term 1 week 5 for the following year for Term 1 start. 

PRIMARY SCHOOL: term 1 week 5 for Term 1 start, and term 3 week 1 for term 3 start.

Click here to enrol primary students.

HIGH SCHOOL: No new high school enrolments. Any high school enquiries will need to apply for an exemption from this policy.

Click here to seek exemption.

At IQRA College the core curriculum currently includes Islam, Arabic, English, Mathematics, History and Science from the Australian Curriculum. Other curriculum areas of Geography, Languages, PE and the Arts.

  • Fees Schedule

     (1)         Excursion fees:                                                         

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  • Parent Information Handbook

    Please click here to see the Parent Information Handbook.

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  • 2024 Term Dates

    Term 1 - 29th January to 12th April

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  • Scholarship

    IQRA College has 3 major scholarships. 2 for current students and 1 for new and returning students.Current students*IQRA students can access these scholarships via the following ways:1) Principal’s Scholarship AwardStudent who attained the highest total score in the schooling year will get a scholarship for the following school year.

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  • Principal's Tour

    Scheduled once per term and hosted by the principal, the tour is your chance to see our ‘Schoolwork’ – the day-to-day life of the school up close. It offers families the opportunity to view our campus, facilities, and our grounds, hear about the College's approach to learning and meet key...

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