IQRA College

Specialised Education Department

Fazla Waheed

Fazla Waheed is a passionate, dedicated, and caring EAL/D and inclusive education teacher at IQRA College. She started her teaching career in 2005 and joined IQRA College in 2021. 

Fazla’s qualifications include Master of Teaching (Special Education) from Flinders University, Master of Education (Educational Research and Assessment) from Flinders University, Bachelor of Arts (English Language and Psychology) from University of Mysore, and Diploma of Teaching from The Maldives National University. 

Fazla strongly believes that all students, with their unique abilities, must be provided with equal educational opportunities. She aims to improve literacy, inclusivity, and accessibility for students with various learning needs. 

Joanna McShane graduated from the University of Glasgow with a post-graduate in Primary Education in 2008. Since then, she has taught many different age groups, from kindergarten to high school, which has made her journey in teaching a very interesting experience. 

She is passionate about teaching of early literacy skills and the use of cross-curricular approaches. Having completed TESOL in 2016, her other passion is English language teaching, and she continues to utilize the skills that she learned to benefit her students. 

“It is a delight to be a part of the IQRA College community. I find it a pleasure to work at IQRA and to see the students and school grow and improve every day.”

 Zach Schwanck is a graduate of Flinders University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Teaching (Primary / Special Education).

A calm and caring teacher, Zach enjoys every single day of teaching. He has a driving interest to support students with additional needs and provide every student with an equal opportunity to grow and learn.

Zach enjoys using a wide range of interactive, engaging and meaningful activities to support his student to achieve in their learning and development. Zach’s passions and strengths are in mathematics and science, which he tries to integrate into his daily teaching.

Hello, I am Kerrie Davis. I was born and raise in Adelaide. I graduated from Flinders University, with a Bachelor of Education (Junior Primary/Primary) in 2006 and I also gained a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) from University of South Australia in 2010.

Over the past 15 Years I have worked all over Adelaide in many different roles as well as spending 2 years teaching in England.

I am passionate about education and the opportunity a great education provides to everyone.