IQRA College

Senior School

Helen BhatiaHelen Bhatia began her career after completing a Bachelor of Education and later pursuing a Master of Education. She has always enjoyed studying, researching, and writing. Although English is her main teaching area, closely followed by HASS, she feels that she is still learning more about these subjects everyday despite her formal education being completed many years ago. She likes to think that her students enjoy their class time and their exchange of ideas, and that they build upon each other’s knowledge.

Helen joined IQRA College in 2018 and attested the school has changed much since the first year she taught in the school. The school is constantly in a state of flux as rooms are being adapted into new and creative learning spaces. There is a lovely energy at IQRA, and the students are keen to learn. 

As a Senior School teacher who sees the Year 12 class ready to move on to the next phase of their lives, she always feels that there is the inevitable sadness that the students will no longer be here in IQRA, but there is also the great joy to say that teachers have all played a part in their journey. 

“Over the years my students have often asked me what I wanted to do when I left school. Due to my great love of animals the answer to that question was always easy, a career as a vet. But upon reaching high school and developing a great love of literature and writing, the potential career took another turn. I wanted to be a journalist. Eventually this changed to teaching. This is not an uncommon pattern for young people, even more so today, when a person may change jobs as many as 15 times in their life. My career has been relatively stable, aside from raising a family and now watching my children do the same. If I had a motto, it would be simple: Continued Success.”