IQRA College

Religion Department

Abumohammad Lubnah

Lubnah AbuMohammed, an Australian citizen with over 23 years of experience in teaching Quran (Tajweed and Qira’at), Ijazah, Sanad and Arabic as a second language. 

She has an Ijazah (Sanad) in five Qira’at: Asem (Shu’bah and Hafs, Nafi’e (Qaloon and Warsh), Ibn Kathir (Albazzi and Qunbul), Abu Amr (Hisham and Ibn Thakwan), and Ibn Amer (Adduri and Assusi). She attained her Sanad from the Scholar of Qira’at in Jordan (Sheikh Said Al-Anabtawi/Azhar scholar). 

Lubnah studied diploma in Islamic Shariah at Hira’ Quranic Centre/Jordan. Currently, she is studying Bachelor of Art at Flinders University. She is also active in community work and teaching Quran at a weekend school.

Sayegh Maya

Maya Sayegh, born and raised in Lebanon, arrived in Adelaide in 2006. She lives with her husband, two sons, 2 birdies and a cat “Snowy.” Her hobbies are painting, doing arts and craft, home design/decoration and watching police and air crash investigations

Maya has a medical science background having graduated with a degree in nursing from Lebanon. She also holds a diploma with NAATI certification. Through her volunteer teaching experience in a not-for-profit organisation here in Adelaide, she decided to embark upon the education field to make her way through a new journey.

She teaches Arabic and Islamic Studies at IQRA and her main focus is to acquaint the students with strong Arabic letters intonation, broad vocabulary acquisition and grammar understanding including the love for the religion. Her main drive is to teach her students the language that Allah the Almighty has chosen for His book and for the people of Jannah. 

“I feel honoured and privileged to be working at IQRA College. I aim to assist in building strong Muslim Australian individuals who have a sound and balanced understanding of our Islamic principles, bi ithni Allah.” 

Nawwar Shaimaa

Shaimaa Nawwar teaches within the Religion Department specifically Arabic and Islamic Studies. She is committed in her work to invoke students’ interest and engagement in learning the language of the Quran, Arabic.

Shaimaa completed a Bachelor of Education from Ain Shams university in Egypt. She had the privilege to teach in Al-Azhar, Egypt for two years and in Makkah for two years. She is a registered teacher with the Teacher Registration Board (SA). She joined IQRA College in 2019 and currently serves as the Arabic Coordinator. 

“I look forward to helping students in IQRA to improve their Islamic knowledge and support them to read the Quraan perfectly by mastering the Arabic language inshaAllah.”

Younus Ruaa2

Rua’a Younus is an Arabic lecturer and teacher with more than 10 years of experience in teaching Arabic. She graduated in 2005 from Arabic language department at University of Baghdad, Iraq, and worked as a high school teacher. She also completed her master's degree in the same field. 

In 2008, she took up employment as an Arabic lecturer in the field of Rhetoric at Iraqi University, having supervised and inspired many graduate students. In 2015, she completed her PhD degree in Arabic Language from Baghdad University with several publications and reviewing articles. 

In 2021, she joined Australian Islamic College in Adelaide as a primary and high school Arabic language teacher and joined IQRA College in 2022 assuming similar role. With her specialty in teaching the Arabic language to both speakers and non-native speakers, not only will she bring wealth to the students’ learning of the beautiful language inshaAllah, she also joins in the effort to support the Arabic language’s global growth.