IQRA College

Primary School

Joanna McShaneJoanna McShane is originally from Glasgow, Scotland. She has lived in Australia for many years now and in June 2020 was very proud to become an Australian citizen. 

She graduated from the University of Glasgow with a post-graduate in Primary Education in 2008. Since then, she has taught many different age groups, from kindergarten to high school, which has made her journey in teaching a very interesting experience. 

She is passionate about the teaching of early literacy skills and the use of cross-curricular approaches, giving students ample opportunities to play, explore, investigate, and discover. Having completed TESOL in 2016, her other passion is English language teaching and she continues to utilise the skills that she learned to the benefit her students. 

When she is not kept busy by her lively daughters Maisie and Zoe, she loves to garden, paint and spend long, leisurely days at the beach. 

“It is a delight to be a part of the IQRA College community. I find it a pleasure to work at IQRA and to see the students and school grow and improve every day.”

Stephen HafnerStephen Hafner was born in Rolla, Missouri in the United States of America. He moved to Australia upon receiving a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree at the University of Southern Mississippi, USA in 2012. He currently lives in Morphett Vale, SA with his wife Caroline. He enjoys playing sports, reading and drawing. 

He has been teaching Primary Education in South Australia over the past nine years, including the opening years of IQRA College. He learned that communication and collaboration between students, parents and the community is key to student growth and success. He is excited to have the opportunity to continue to be an integral part in the development of IQRA College, focussing on educating the whole child and providing a learning environment that encourages students to become well respected, caring and active members of the Australian society with a focus on the Islamic perspective.

As an internationally trained teacher, he has collaborated with students, teachers, parents, and administrators from a variety of diverse cultural backgrounds.  IQRA College’s philosophy emphasises the importance of building positive relationships within communities and cultures. He finds this as consistent with his own teaching philosophy in the importance of building a community in the classroom. He emphasises the importance of respect, trust, and empathy. He tries to develop positive interactions, honesty, and trust with all his students and build positivity and positive behaviours amongst his students.

“I am looking forward to continuing working with all students and parents, making a positive contribution to the development of all my students at IQRA.”

Balgish MydeenBalgish Mydeen is originally from Singapore. She attained a Bachelor of English in Singapore and Master of Education from Queensland University of Technology. She has 17 years of teaching experience in Singapore during which she had taken up coordinator roles. This is her eleventh year continuing the profession in Australia. It is her passion to help developing young minds.

Balgish loves reading, engaging in Arts and Craft and games. She also loves trying out dishes from various cultures and appreciating them is another avenue she enjoys. She believes in lifelong learning, be it academic or character building. 

“I get my inspirations from leaders around the world. This is something I instill in my students – positive mind set and the belief that we can do it! May ALLAH, The Almighty, guide us the way to the right path.”

Arunima PillaiArunima Pillai was born and raised in India. She started her teaching career in 2006. She holds a Master of Physics and Bachelor of Education and started teaching in Australia since 2011. 

Arunima has been teaching Junior and Primary school students both in the public and private schools in Australia. She joined IQRA in 2020 and worked well with the Junior and Primary school team. Besides teaching, Arunima also holds the Numeracy Coordinator position.

“Teaching is not a career but a passion to me. It takes a certain desire and drive to get up every single day and inspire the young minds but the challenge in doing that and finding what engages them into learning is the reason teaching is still a trust I choose to do today.”