IQRA College

Primary School

Balgish MydeenBalgish Mydeen ,is originally from Singapore. She attained Bachelors of English in Singapore and Masters in Education in QUT.

She has 17 years of teaching experience in Singapore during which I had taken up coordinator roles. This is my eleventh year continuing the profession in Australia. That shows how much passion I have for developing young minds!

She loves reading, engaging in Arts and Craft and games. Trying out dishes from various cultures and appreciating them is another avenue I enjoy. I believe in lifelong learning, be it academic or character building.

"I get my inspirations from leaders around the world. This is something I instill in my students – positive mind set and the belief that we can do it! May ALLAH, The Almighty, guide us the way to the right path."

Arunima Pillai

Arunima Pillai was born and raised in India. She started her teaching career in 2006. She holds a Master of Physics and Bachelor of Education and started teaching in Australia since 2011. 

Arunima has been teaching Junior and Primary school students both in the public and private schools in Australia. She joined IQRA in 2020 and worked well with the Junior and Primary school team. Besides teaching, Arunima also holds the Numeracy Coordinator position.

“Teaching is not a career but a passion to me. It takes a certain desire and drive to get up every single day and inspire the young minds but the challenge in doing that and finding what engages them into learning is the reason teaching is still a trust I choose to do today.”

Gillian Kotian was born and raised in India. She has completed a Diploma in Teaching for Primary Year levels in 2003, a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at the University of Madras, India in 2008 and graduated from Tabor in South Australia with a Master of Teaching (Primary) in 2021. Gillian’s work experience spans across four countries; India, England, Saudi Arabia and Australia. She has worked in diverse educational settings gaining knowledge and experience from multi-cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Gillian believes that all children are unique and learn and grow at their own pace. It is her aspiration to facilitate the children’s learning process with rich experiences that will prepare them to be well-informed global citizens.

“I find it deeply rewarding to contribute and be a part of the educational development of students. I believe learning never stops and I always look forward to learn from the children and my peers from the IQRA family.”

Safia Banjan graduated with the Bachelor of Education in 2005. She has been working as a primary school teacher for the last seventeen years. Her primary experience ranges from Reception through to Year 6.

“As a teacher I strive to connect with my students, identify their strengths and help them reach their goals. Education is power. Regardless of the many challenges we may face in life, education can be the key to a better future. My goal is to give every student I teach the opportunity to reach their full potential and in doing so, live their best lives.”

 Laura Fazzalari was born and raised in Adelaide. I graduated from Flinders University with a Master of Teaching, as well as a Bachelor of Science (Honours). 

She enjoys working with children and extremely passionate about STEM subjects. I strive to create a positive classroom environment, where students encourage and celebrate each other’s success and know that mistakes are a part of learning. I believe this encourages students to challenge themselves and creates an environment that builds students confidence and a love of learning. 

Outside of work I enjoy volunteering, crocheting, looking at the night sky with my telescope and spending time with my partner, family, friends, and pets.