IQRA College

Middle School

Mawlawi Jaad

Jaad Mawlawi is an Australian born, Lebanese Muslim. Jaad graduated with a Master of Teaching (Primary) from Flinders University. He also has a Bachelor of Arts (major in Australian Studies and minor in Science) also from Flinders University.

It was through these roles that he found his passion for working with the youth. With his various life experiences, he has developed his own philosophy for Islamic Education. Teaching Muslim students is at the crux of his philosophy, and he views each student as an extension of his family, each with their own unique hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations. 

“I pray Allah SWT grants me the capacity to facilitate opportunities for the youth of our community and allows me to watch each of them grow and flourish in the roles they themselves seek out. I believe each student has the right to a high-quality education and the opportunity to develop into the best possible version of themselves. Through high quality education, we can establish a generation of Muslims that are: well-educated, polite and respectful, have a comprehensive understanding of our deen, and will contribute towards the advancement of society and mankind.”

Sultana Afroza

Afroza Sultana specialised in teaching English language, Literature, TESOL and HASS. She was a recipient of the International Merit Scholarship and LEAD Student Leadership award during her Master of Teaching (Secondary) degree at the University of South Australia. She is currently the high school coordinator of Iqra College and Vice President of SA TESOL. In addition to her academic roles, she has coordinated and facilitated youth leadership training for over three years. She has also assisted in research for international organizations. As an advocate of social development, she represented her country of origin, Bangladesh, to United Nations and delivered social action projects in collaboration with British Council. She strives to create a community of resilient and creative learners who can implement their learning for the improvement of the community around them.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” is a quote that inspires Afroza to do her best in both her professional and personal roles.”

Shafqat Ali Sakeena

Sakeena Shafqat Ali, born in Singapore, lived in Malaysia and moved to Australia in 2017. She tutors high school students ever since she was in Year 12, and she enjoys seeing her students achieved success progressively. Her experience includes teaching in a language centre offering intensive English programmes to EALD students. 

A genuinely committed teacher, Sakeena also leads and organises the MAS Programme (Maths and Science) in IQRA College. She enjoys teaching and learning together with her students especially in project work through research and inquiry where she sees optimal learning engagement from the students.

“I am passionate about teaching, and I am always looking for ways to further develop my pedagogy. I enjoy working with youths and facilitating them to succeed in this world and the hereafter inshaAllah. In my free time, I love spending time with my son, going for nature walks and occasionally, cooking.”

Marji Jamal

Jamal Marji is a passionate teacher who holds multiple degrees. Jamal graduated with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Mutah University, Jordan and a Master of Petroleum Engineering from the University of Adelaide, and a Master degree in secondary teaching from the University of South Australia. Jamal is passionate about connecting the students learning to their daily life, hence helping the students plan for their future through a comprehensive structured and practical curriculum.

 Jamal is a revert and loves learning more about Islam every day. He is originally from Jordan and moved to Australia in 2012. With his knowledge and passion about creating a practicing Islamic environment, Jamal works on instilling Islamic values in the students, helping in creating Muslim citizens who will contribute to their society and humanity through combined Islamic and scientific knowledge. Besides teaching, he is also assisting in overseeing students’ discipline and behaviour.

Jamal is aspiring for IQRA College to be one of the top schools in Adelaide to serve the Muslim community and provide a world-class educational experience to its students. Jamal enjoys working with children and it fills his heart with joy every day to see his students grow, learn and thrive in all aspects of their education.