IQRA College

Fees Schedule

School Fee structure for 2023

Domestic School Fee structure for 2023

Tuition Fees

Reception: $1,000 per annum

Year 1 – Year 12: $2,000 per annum

Year 12 tuition fees must be settled in full by 29th September 2023.

Other Fees

Library and Club fees: $20 per student (per annum)

STEM and Science Lab fees: $100 for Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 only (per annum)

Available discounts:

Family discounts: 2nd child is entitled to a 25% discount; 3rd child is entitled to 50% and 4th child and onwards are entitled to a 90% discount.

Health Care Card: 40% discount on school fees only upon providing a valid health care card.

A copy of the card must be produced to the College by the 15th of February 2023 for discount to apply. No concessions will be provided after that date.

Early Payment Discount 10%: A further 10% is to be applied to student fees only if payment of fees in full is made by the 3rd of February 2023.

The early payment discount is only eligible if the 2022 balance is fully settled. Otherwise, any payments will be used to settle the prior balance.

School-managed payment plan discount 2%: A 2% discount applies for payment plans agreed by the 27th of February and the balance settled by Friday 10th of November 2023.

Bus Fee structure for 2023

$250 per student, per term.

Sibling, Health Care Card and early payment discounts do not apply to bus fees.

The bus fee must be paid in full before the service. Bus fees will be invoiced per term.