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Principal's NAPLAN Message

My dear students .... as you start your NAPLAN tests today I want you to know that your teachers & I believe in you! We want you to know that you have got this!

We know that you will try your best. We know that you will read the questions carefully, & understand what is asked of you; before you answer the questions.

We know that you will not dream of the answers;  you will use your paper & pencil to work out the right answer.

We know that you will shade the bubble when the question asks you to shade; also when it asks you to circle the correct answer that’s exactly what you’ll do; because you understand what the question is asking of you!

When you find something difficult - do not get anxious, do not despair; instead take a deep breath & say Bismillah!

Remember to go through all the questions you know then come back to complete the rest. You’ve got this - just think hard as we have covered these concepts in class.

Remember to listen very carefully to your teachers' instructions; don’t fidget, don’t look around, don’t give up until time is up!

Do not finish early, do not leave any answers blank. Go over your answers step by step. When your teacher says, “Pencils down, time is up”; that’s your cue to say, “Alhumdulilah”, I did my best!

I know you’ll do well because you’re smart, you’ve worked hard & you know that this is an important test; but remember it doesn’t define you. Just try your absolute best as our Iqra child.

Remember you are the future Doctor, Teacher, Scientist, Nurse, Electrician, Pilot, Lawyer, Enterpreneur, or amazing Mum or Dad!

Now off you go; make your duah & remember to ask Almighty to make this test as easy as possible for you!  You’ve got this!

To my teachers – you probably feeling a little bit anxious too; as I know you have tried your best and you want your kids to succeed. Remember, I believe in you too.  From day 1 we looked after the well-being of each child; we have taught them the skills and concepts to build up their knowledge repertoire. We didn’t teach to a test as we have faith that our kids will succeed; through hard work, continuous effort, dedication, determination and because they are your’s and mine – they will be just fine.

Let’s go do this… NAPLAN here we come!



Dr Ahdielah

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14th May 2019