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We are the D1, we can provide you strong protection againts DDoS,
we can control our own secure server that contains "anti-DDoS'ing" technology,
if a server is down, your protection is still on when we are not around, so you can be safe and secure
where ever you are, and our job is to protect you so you can be safe and not worry about anything.
"protection, is our job."

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!Buying our product will provide you with 24/7 protection againts Hackers, malicious website, and even Malwares!

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5 Years Plan $225 SELECT
3 Years Plan $135 SELECT
1 Years Plan $45 SELECT

What is DDos?

noun: DDos
  1. short for Distributed Denial Of Service.

verb: DDoS; 3rd person present: DDoSes; past tense: DDoSed; past tense: DDoS'd;
past participle: DDoSed; past participle: DDoS'd; gerund or present participle: DDoSing.
  1. target with a distributed denial of service attack.
"he took the time to DDoS the servers hosting the game"
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