Introducing White Tigers

White Tigers are popular creatures in many sanctuaries rather than out in the wild. White Tigers are not considered to be a species
of their own or an albino (blonde) species of a regular tiger. It is however a rarer form of the Bengal Tiger but instead having a
paler appearance as they are born with white fur. It has been said that these rare species of Bengal tigers originated from just
one tiger which further bred more white tigers.Many sanctuaries, zoos and breeders are regularly breeding white tigers to
increase the already endangered population. However, this breeding has outcomes of many genetic problems in the newborn cubs.
They are olso often bred with Siberian tigers to create a crossbreed, but this, in the past, has created even bigger problems.

white tigers

Physical Appearance

The face of a White tiger is alike in shape to that of Bengal tigers. They are only
diverse in the colour of their fur. White tigers have sapphire blue eyes rather than the
green or yellow-coloured eyes of the usual Bengal tigers, which makes them look
striking.They also have a rose-pink nose and pink paw pads.The streaks on a white
tiger are not only in the tiger’s fur, but are a pattern of the skin. White tigers also
have a white spot on the back of their ears which look like eyes.

appearance of whie tigers


In comparison to the well-known Bengal tiger, white tigers grow quicker and are heavier at birth and in adulthood. A grown white tiger can weigh up to 300 kilograms and they can grow up
to 3 meters in length. Female white tigers are smaller, weighing approximately 200 kilograms and are up to 2.6 meters. White tigers are more well-built, tougher and a lot more combative
compared to a standard Bengal tiger. White tigers are not only unbelievably swift and agile, but they are also very talented swimmers, allowing them to range boundaries such as rivers and canals.
Though the white tiger is a good swimmer, it is a very weak climber. The typical White tiger sleeps between 16 to 18 hours per day.


These tigers don't have a high change of survival out in the wild. Due to their fur being coloured white or cream, it becomes harder for them to camouflage against grass or trees. Their colour also stands out more between most natural environments, making them an easy target instead of a vicious predator like Bengal tiger, Siberian tiger and the many other species of tigers. White tigers are normally Bengal tigers born with a genetic flaw that prevents the orange colored fur. Because of this, the figure of white tigers presently living in the wild and their location is unidentified but presumed to be little. But some white tigers can be found in parts of India and China.

map depecting the habitats of different species of tigers
Map depicting the areas of where different species of tigers are found
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