IQRA College

Welcome Message

Welcome to the IQRA College website.

IQRA College is an Islamic College from Reception to Year 12 situated on 5 Majors Road, O'Halloran Hill SA 5158.

Whether you are already part of our IQRA community or in some other way familiar with the College, a potential parent, or out of interest, we trust this website will give you an insight into the unique character of IQRA College.

At IQRA we understand that the choice of school for your sons and daughters can be one of the most important decisions you will make. While wanting your children to be well educated and provided with firm foundations for future adult life, you also want your children to be happy and cared for within a learning community that reflects the values of the family and the Islamic way of life and to make a meaningful contribution to Australian society.

We offer a progressive Australian curriculum which is supported by family, community and Islamic values. We endeavor to prepare our students as future local, national and global community leaders by providing opportunities that enable our students to reach their full potential.

Our strong values-centred education is based on the Islamic values of Integrity, Compassion, Justice, Mutual Respect and Responsibility. These core values are an integral part of the way of life for all members of the IQRA community.

We have employed very experienced and well qualified staff to ensure the best student outcomes.